Wind Energy

The winds of change

About 1.5 billion people still do not have access to electricity and at the same time energy consumption by the industrial nations is permanently increasing. Together with the threat of climate change, this has prompted a major drive towards the installation of new wind turbines around the world. Wind is already an important player in the world’s energy markets and the drivers for wind power still hold as there is a need for power generation that is clean, reliable and quick to install.

3B Solutions for Wind Energy

At 3B, we believe wind will play a key role in addressing the climate change challenge while meeting the world’s long-term energy needs.

To contribute to the development of this fast growing market, we are committed to design efficient and innovative wind energy solutions available globally. 3B eco-solutions are built upon environmental responsibility, technological innovation and a global presence to most effectively service our customers.

As a leading European developer and supplier of fibreglass products, 3B’s unrivalled competence in fibreglass development and technology is helping to create a more sustainable future throughout the complete wind solutions value chain.

The following 3B brands and products offer leading edge performance to help design and implement wind energy solutions:

  • Advantex® glass
  • HiPer-tex™
  • Advantex® Continuous Filament Mat

In addition, 3B products are especially suited for offshore wind applications.

Product details for SE2020 and GL Statement of Approval SE2020
Product details for SE1500 and GL Statement of Approval SE1500
Product details for HiPer-tex™ W2020 and GL Statement of Approval W2020
Product details for HiPer-tex™ W3030

Wind energy brochure of 3B fibreglass
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