3B-the fibreglass company apre la strada nei compositi rinforzati in fibra di vetro con una nuova generazione di fibre apprettate con nanotubi di carbonio (CNT) insieme a Nanocyl

Battice, Belgium – May 4, 2010 – 3B has signed a Joint Development Agreement (JDA) together with Nanocyl to develop unique reinforcement solutions combining glass fibre with CNT-based sizing, enabling a breakthrough in the performance of thermoplastic and thermoset composite applications.


Hugues Jacquemin, Chief Executive Officer of 3B stated « Delivering innovative products with improved performance is one of our cornerstones. Teaming up with CNT market leader, Nanocyl will bring together two partners who are proven innovators. The end result will allow customers to extend their boundaries in the form of stronger, lighter weight and better performing applications ».


« SizicylTM CNT products improve electrical and mechanical properties in composites, » said Francis Massin, Chief Executive Officer of Nanocyl. « We are very excited to be joining forces with such a dynamic partner as 3B to deliver the next generation of CNT-based sizings that will meet emerging market needs ».


A key focus of the new generation of the CNT sized glass fibre, will be high performance applications such as aerospace and wind energy with further synergies to spin off into a wider range of applications.


For further information please email 3b.info@3b-fibreglass.com.