3B-the fibreglass company to demonstrate its leadership on sustainable innovative reinforcement solutions using Advantex® and HiPer-tex™ at K2010

3B-the fibreglass company, a leading manufacturer of fibreglass products for the reinforcement of thermoplastics and thermosets will be present at K 2010 with a series of sustainable, innovative solutions.

3B will showcase recently launched applications that demonstrate how sustainability is driving innovation and growth based on the three dimensions of eco-responsibility, durability and versatility. Thanks to the resilient and versatile characteristics of high performance fibreglass, 3B is meeting the demands of the market in the automotive, aerospace, defence, sports & leisure, consumer goods, construction, infrastructure and renewable energy industries.

3B experts, in the field of composites and reinforcements, will be available to discuss and show how sustainability has been a key driving force behind the partnerships they have formed with customers. Those have led to innovative and ground-breaking composite products and applications.

Together with Lati, one of Europe’s key independent compounders, 3B helped to develop Latigloss™. This unique polyamide compound combines excellent aesthetic qualities with outstanding durability and strength. This eliminates the need for secondary finishing operations or components. As a result less energy and materials are used and the total cost is reduced.

P.C.R. srl chose a pultruded composite skin for the new Sheraton Hotel in Malpensa which puts sustainability at the forefront of building technology and choice of materials. This breakthrough design was only possible thanks to the light weight, excellent mechanical properties compared to metal, corrosion resistance as well as electrical and thermal insulation of fibreglass. It allows for greater design freedom while its light weight facilitates fast and easy installation.

At the other end of the composite spectrum, HiPer-tex™ glass fibre was chosen by Gastank AB for high pressure cylinders that contain CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) for motor vehicles. The tanks meet stringent regulations and provide a cost effective and sustainable alternative to steel as the use of HiPer-tex™ fibre reduces weight and therefore CO2 emissions.

PARA-LITE® ballistic panels from Von Roll show how extreme performance can be achieved cost effectively by using HiPer-tex™ performance fibres. Armored vehicles, personel shields and protective panels can be significantly reduced in weight while at the same time providing optimum protection.

Hugues Jacquemin 3B’s CEO stated: “At 3B we see sustainability as a tremendous growth opportunity. 3B fibreglass offers performance, durability and versatility, allowing for the development of better value, longer term eco-responsible solutions. We are forming partnerships to deliver cost effective, light weight and sustainable solutions which offer superior performance, extended life time and design flexibility for a wide range of markets and applications. We look forward to welcoming you at the K 2010 show to further discuss those sustainable innovative solutions”.

Other 3B fibreglass reinforced solutions will be showcased at the K.

3B-the fibreglass company will be present at K 2010 in Düsseldorf on Stand C79 in
Hall 8B.
About 3B-the fibreglass company
3B is a leading developer and supplier of fibreglass products and technologies for the reinforcement of thermoplastics and thermosets. This young and dynamic company has two state-of-the-art fibreglass manufacturing facilities in Battice, Belgium and Birkeland, Norway formerly owned by Owens Corning. 3B has its own manufacturing, sales, marketing and R&D organization and is committed to technological innovation and excellence with an emphasis on environmental responsibility. The company has two unique glass technologies – Advantex® an eco-responsible ECR glass and HiPer-tex™ a high performance glass fibre – both used in a wide range of industrial applications such as automotive, defence, infrastructure, to mass transit and renewable wind and marine energy generation.
3B is owned by Platinum Equity, a global firm specializing in the merger, acquisition and operation of companies that provide services and solutions to customers in a broad range of business markets.

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Advantex® is a registered trademark of Owens Corning used under license.
HiPer-tex™ is a trademark of 3B.
PARA-LITE® is a registered trademark of Von Roll.
Latigloss™ is a trademark of Lati.