3B-the fibreglass company Wins JEC Innovation Award in the Construction Category

Here, at the annual JEC Show, undoubtedly one of the world’s biggest industry platforms, 3B-the fibreglass company was presented with the JEC Innovation Award in the Construction Category. 3B’s pioneering pultruded reinforced composite cladding solution provided architects King Roselli Architetti of Rome scope to conceive a distinctive, contemporary design for the Sheraton Hotel at Malpensa airport, Milan, Italy.
Hugues Jacquemin, CEO: “3B is a young and entrepreneurial company in business for almost 3 years and already ackowledged by the industry for our inventiveness and determination to provide, in partnership with our customers, ground-breaking award-winning solutions.

Winning this award is inspiring not only for those at 3B but for all with whom we work and collaborate to successfully bring to market challenging and highly original ideas to expand the creative boundaries of our industry.”

The new Sheraton Hotel which opened in July last year, is highly contemporary not only in its design but also for the applied technologies and the materials selected for its construction.
Architect Riccardo Roselli: “A key feature of the design is the overall shape of the structure; it’s more like an object rather than a building. The concept of the hotel is based on a large folded casing wrapped around modules containing the rooms and achieved by applying an outer skin made from a glassfibre reinforced composite material.”

Collaborating with 3B to develop and deliver the exact reinforcements, Italy-based Progettazione Costruzione Ricerca (P.C.R. Srl) manufactured the composite sheets making up the outer skin using a pultrusion process. The skin has a quartz finish completed with P.C.R.’s proprietary Qflex™ technology and is water-repellent. The outside surface is clad in a white-grey film.

“Though rarely used in building so far, this technology has the advantages of being lightweight and precise. The individual sheets were produced in 22-metre-long, 1.40-metre-wide strips and could be easily handled on a busy construction site,” said Emmanuelle David, Business Development Manager, Building and Construction at 3B. “It was a great challenge over such a large surface to avoid visible joints between the sheets which are subject to expansion under extreme temperatures and changing weather conditions.”

The surface was also shaped to form bi-directional curves on the top of the roof, against the hotel frontage which is 420 metres long and 14 metres high. Reduced costs and construction times coupled with the inherent qualities and finish of the pultruded material were decisive in achieving the desired result. Overall, the cost of the installed alternative cladding solution is very competitive.

Emmanuelle David, Business Development Manager, Building and Construction at 3B will be presenting the technology behind this application during the Construction and Civil Engineering End-User Forum on Tuesday, March 29.

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