3B, prefered partner for the automotive industry

Nowadays, any vehicle most likely contains glass fibre developed and produced by 3B-the fibreglass company.

With more than 30 years of experience and expertise in the Automotive industry, 3B is a glass fibre industry leader developing functionalized glass fibre solutions for today and tomorrow’s vehicles.

3B provides to the Automotive sector high performance glass fibres, chopped, continuous or mat forms specifically tailored to reinforce thermoplastic or thermoset resins or for thermal and phonic insulation applications . 3B is totally committed to this Automotive market which represents the major part of its turnover.

As a leading supplier of glass fibre, 3B is already well recognized as a reliable partner within the Automotive market by Tier 2, Tier 1 & OEMs. To further support the Automotive industry throughout is entire value chain, 3B has put in place an internal dedicated Automotive organization.  This dedicated structure allows for the customer intimacy needed to offer partners the optimized and tailored solutions they need within the shortest lead times.

Glass fibre for the XXIst  century vehicles

There are no doubts that the ongoing change of paradigm from the XXth century Auto-Mobile to the XXIst century Eco-Auto-Mobility does call for eco-responsible, safer and more comfortable vehicles.

Optimized usage of resources, decrease in fuel consumption hence reduction of vehicle’s emissions, development of alternative energies to replace fossil fuels do definitely trigger the need for durable, lighter and more performing materials.

Innovative and cost effective glass fibres address efficiently to these challenges:

  • the inherent mineral composition of glass fibre makes them extremely durable as well as resistant to high temperatures and to corrosion from most automotive fluids
  • their specific mechanical performances and their versatility to be shaped in various forms open a large spectrum of tailored and optimized designed solutions that already over-perform traditional materials such as steel and aluminum as illustrated below.


Building on its leading edge expertise and convinced of the unlimited potential of glass reinforced composites, 3B is pushing the current composite boundaries to build the XXIst century vehicles.

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