Extrusion – Injection

Replacement of conventional materials, in particular metal, by thermoplastics appears to be an indefinite trend for many applications in the automotive, household appliances, leisure and industrial engineering sectors. The major drivers are weight reduction, design flexibility, function integration and operational costs savings. This induces a permanent performance demand on plastic materials.

Glass fibre plays an important role in plastic proliferation and provides unique set of mechanical/physical functionalities at affordable cost.

These include:

  • Tensile and flexural resistance
  • Dimensional stability over a wide temperature range
  • Control of the moulded part shrinkage
  • Thermal stability
  • Hydrolysis resistance

3B chopped strand products have been specifically developed to reinforce efficiently a wide range of thermoplastic resins leading to superior composite performances and allowing to address the needs of various applications.

Committed to its sustainability vision, 3B has developed a strong expertise in glass fibre handling and is supplying chopped strand product in bulk for several years. Bulk supply specificities are systematically integrated in R&D conception phase for large volume products. Technical challenges are important. Products need to satisfy new handling requirements without compromising other key GF properties such as easy dispersion, reactivity with thermoplastic resin and colour.

3B chopped strand and milled fibre product portfolios have been designed to meet continuously evolving market needs.