Performance Properties

A composite part leads an extremely challenging life. This calls for the development of new composite materials with exceptional and extremely durable properties. HiPer-tex™ fibre is one of 3B’s solutions that address these challenges.

HiPer-tex™ fibre properties

  Test Method Unit HiPer-tex™ fibre E-CR Glass
Chemical Composition     No added Boron /No added Fluorides
Softening point DIN ISO 7884-1 °C 925 886-904
Density   g/cc 258 2.54-2.62
CLTE (0°C to 300°C) ASTM D696 10-6 K-1 4.1 5.4-6

Impregnated HiPer-tex™ fibre properties

Property Test Method Unit HiPer-tex™ fibre E-CR glass
Tensile Strength* ASTM D2343-08 MPa 2700-3200 2000-2600
Tensile Modulus* ASTM D2343-08 GPa 86-89 74-83

* Representative values of 17μm 2400 tex Advantex® Glass fibre, epoxy resin impregnated and depending on grades

Fatigue mechanical properties

  • Comparison of traditional E-CR reinforcement glass and HiPer-tex™ fibre
  • Epoxy unidirectional fabrics (UD 1150g/m²) laminates
  • Tension/tension ratio: 0,1

* Representative values of 17µm 2400 tex glass fibre, epoxy resin impregnated and depending on grades

Fatigue mechanical properties

Courtesy of CRM Liège

Acid corrosion resistance properties

  • Mimicked A14 Acid Environment test of United Nations R110 regulation
  • Measurement of residual flexural properties of 100 hour immersed laminates in 30% H2SO4 solution @ RT. 35% strain level.
  • HiPer-tex™ fibre is suitable for applications in corrosive environment.
    Strength     Modulus  
  Initial (MPa) Final (MPa) Residual (%) Initial (GPa) Final (GPa) Residual (%)
E-Glass 77,6% Wf 1497 0 0 50.6 0 0
HiPer-tex™ Fibre 79% Wf 1791 1659 92 56.5 56.4 99

Resistance to impact properties

  • V50 comparison of polyester laminates reinforced with E-Glass, S2-Glass® and HiPer-tex™ fibre.
  • 5.56 mm FSP
  • Tested at Banc Officiel d’Epreuve of St Etienne (France)
  • S2-Glass® is a register trademark of AGY
  S2-Glass® HiPer-tex™ fibre E-glass
Areal density (kg/m²) 20.0 20.9 20.1
V50 (2.5mm) (m/sec) 900 828 655