High Performance Glass

HiPer-tex™ high performance fibre is the result of a recent groundbreaking manufacturing development. One that combines the technological advancements of a patented glass formulation, which respects the environment, with new and more optimized melt, fiberizing and sizing technologies. Today, this translates into the possibility to produce high performance HiPer-tex™ fibre in a high-capacity production platform, while delivering economies of scale.

The recognised benchmark in the glass fibre industry for clean manufacturing, HiPer-tex™ fibre does not contain added boron or fluorides. This is a perfect example of eco-responsible, integrated pollution prevention combined with the highest energy efficiency converging in an optimised process.

HiPer-tex™ fibre also delivers a step change in performance for users of glass-reinforced composite materials. Compared to traditional E-Glass and E-CR glass, HiPer-tex™ fibre delivers overall superior performance:

  • Up to 25% higher strength
  • Up to 15% higher stiffness
  • 10 times greater resistance to fatigue
  • Significantly higher corrosion resistance
  • Significantly higher temperature resistance