R&D Centre

3B is committed to setting new standards within the global fibreglass industry. To maintain its leadership position in technology, 3B is relentlessly innovating in partnership with its customers. The 3B Science & Technology Centre provides a unique hub of expertise for future development and innovation with a comprehensive range of testing, development and innovative research capabilities. The 3B Science & Technology Centre is ISO 9001 certified.

Europe is the main centre for innovation in the global reinforced plastics industry and 3B Science & Technology centre is at its heart. This exceptional localization allows us to be in close contact with the whole industry, listening to our customers, understanding and anticipating their needs, and offering relevant and innovative solutions that will allow them to be ahead of the competition. Being passionate about meeting customers’ expectations and always being in touch with the market, 3B is able to anticipate, find or create value-adding solutions in close collaboration with its partners.