New Products for Thermoplastics, Wind and Performance Composites from 3B-the fibreglass company Take Centre Stage at JEC 2012

Battice, Belgium – February 14, 2012 – Building on the company’s leadership position in providing innovative and game-changing products and solutions, 3B-the fiberglass company will spotlight an eco-responsible powder grade of Milled Fibres made with Advantex® glass.  The new grade – MF 01 ER (Eco-Responsible) – was developed in full alignment with 3B’s strategic vision for sustainability and displays very good dry flow characteristics and dispersion.

The MF 01 made with Advantex® glass ER grade is designed to reinforce engineering thermoplastics and also thermosets, providing high modulus, excellent dimensional stability and shrinkage control. It can be used in a variety of applications in the automotive, electrical & electronic and consumer goods markets.  

For the wind energy sector, 3B will introduce HiPer-tex W3030 the third, new product in the company’s benchmark series for wind turbine blades. The new HiPer-tex W3030 is specifically engineered for polyester and vinylester resin systems for infusion processes.

HiPer-tex W3030 and the recently lauched HiPer-tex W2020 high performance rovings for epoxy resin systems are specifically developed to meet OEMs’ needs for longer and lighter rotor blades for the more challenging offshore and bigger onshore multi-megawatt wind turbines.  Complementing the range is SE2020 made with Advantex® glass fibre for epoxy resin systems.

At JEC’s Innovation Showcase, 3B will spotlight a new zero permeation lightweight composite compressed natural gas (CNG) cylinder of 32 litre capacity developed by GASTANK AB Sweden and manufactured using HiPer-tex glass fibre enclosing and protecting a novel thermoplastic inner liner.

3B has a rich heritage of expertise in the development and production of versatile thermoset and thermoplastic composite solutions. The company’s product portfolio includes chopped strand and direct rovings for both thermoplastic and thermoset composites, continuous filament mat and wet chopped strands specifically engineered for non-woven applications.

3B-the fibreglass company was acquired by the Braj Binani Group at the beginning of February 2012.  One of India’s fastest growing business conglomerates with diversified interests in cement, zinc, glass fibre and composites the Braj Binani Group fully embraces and endorses 3B’s strategy for growth and the pursuit of its track record of innovation focusing on the wind, thermoplastics and performance composite markets. 

3B-the fiberglass company’s location at JEC is Business Suite D4.  To learn more about our company and innovative, game-changing solutions please visit us during the show.