Braj Binani Group

On February 1st 2012, The Braj Binani Group -a conglomerate from indian origin with interests in cement, zinc, glass fibre and composites- acquired 3B-the fibreglass company.

The Braj Binani Group traces its beginnings to 1872, when Seth Pragdas Binani, a trader in metal utensils, began an enterprise with his son Seth Mathuradas to import and export metals. In 1941, Seth Govardhandas, Seth Mathuradas’ son, made the bold decision to move from trading to manufacturing.

The journey of Binani Metal Works started with a plant at Howrah. Taking on the mantle from his father, Ghanshyam Binani, the son of Seth Govardhandas, founded Binani Zinc.

It was under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Braj Binani that the Company truly began to explore uncharted horizons and scale new heights. Following the restructuring of the Braj Binani Group, between 1996 and 2004, Binani Industries Limited (BIL) was founded to serve as the holding company for Binani Cement Limited, Binani Zinc Limited, Goa Glass Fibre Limited and BT Composites Limited.

On 27th January, 2011 the Braj Binani Group signed a merger agreement with USA based Composite Products, Inc. (CPI), a leading global manufacturer of inline compounding and molding of thermoplastic composites. Based in Winona, Minnesota (USA), CPI is also a globally recognized designer and licensor in this segment. And more recently, the Braj Binani Group acquired 3B-the fibreglass company. Those two operations are part of the Braj Binani Group’s long term vision to create a major fibreglass and composite player with state-of-the-art technology, global ambitions and unrivaled innovation capabilities

Over its eventful journey, the core values of the Company have remained unchanged. The Braj Binani Group is still driven by the same ambition to succeed and the need for continual improvement that transformed Seth Pragdas Binani’s metal trading house into one of India’s largest business conglomerates. The Braj Binani Group’s focused continual improvement has been recognised with internationally accepted certifications for its various ventures.

Apart from a passionate drive to succeed and an allegiance to continual improvement, the Group holds in high regard values such as honesty, transparency and efficiency along with constant efforts to provide customer delight. An integration of all strong beliefs and values has strengthened the core business philosophy of the Braj Binani Group, providing a firm foundation to its success.

Binani Industries Limited (BIL) aims to be a pioneer in all its endeavours and set benchmarks while focusing on sustainable growth. This ensured the progress and transformation of BIL from its humble beginnings to its present day global stature.