3B has a rich heritage of expertise in fibreglass development and production as its Battice (Belgium) facility saw its first production run in 1966.

3B-the fibreglass company was formed in 2008 as an independent entity as a consequence of the acquisition by Owens Corning of the Vetrotex reinforcements businesses. Following this merger, Owens Corning found itself in a dominant position in some markets. As a consequence of the European Commission request to address this situation, OCV had to divest its two benchmark facilities of Battice (Belgium) and Birkeland (Norway) giving birth to 3B.

The new company was named 3B-the fibreglass company as its three implantations are Battice, Birkeland and Bruxelles where the group has a fully dedicated Customer Service Centre. 3B was completed with ‘the fibreglass company’ to communicate clearly what we are all about: developing and supplying fibreglass products and technologies for the reinforcement of thermoplastic and thermoset polymers.

The Braj Binani Group, one of India’s fastest growing business conglomerates having diversified interests in cement, zinc, glass fibre and composites, completed on February 1st  2012 the acquisition of 3B-the fibreglass company. This operation has been driven by a vision to create a major fibreglass player with state-of-the-art technology, global ambitions and unrivaled innovation capabilities. Binani is fully embracing and confirms 3B strategy to grow focusing on the wind, thermoplastics and performance composite markets, and to pursue its track record of innovation. This transaction strengthens the perpetuation and reinforcement of 3B’s strategy and commitment to offer its clients a reliable sourcing strategy and to partner with them to develop innovative composites solutions.

Today, 3B is the fibreglass division of the Braj Binani Group and has fully integrated Binani’s fibreglass facility based in Goa (India).