Manufacturing facilities

3B-the fibreglass company operates three manufacturing facilities in Belgium, Norway and India.

Founded in 1966, our Belgian plant is located in a 32 ha proprietary plot. The facility operates 3 furnaces for a total capacity of 115 k tons. The plant is located in Battice close to the Dutch and German borders allowing for very efficient road transportation as most of our key customers are to be found within a 500km radius from the plant.

3B’s Norwegian facility was founded in 1974 in Birkeland. Located in a 10 ha proprietary plot, the plant has developed over the years high performance glass development capabilities. Having 3 furnaces, it delivers 40 k tons for the high-end markets: wind energy, high pressure vessels, marine, etc. The proximity of the Kristiansand port offers many logistics advantages.

Our Indian plant was founded in 1996. Located in Goa within a 11.6 ha plot, the plant operates one furnace for a capacity of 20 k tons. With most of the plant’s customers located in the country, the Goa plant benefits from an excellent road network as well as from the direct proximity of the port.