Glassfibre Reinforced Plastics (GRP) are uniquely versatile materials found in every aspect of modern life. From the houses we live in to the cars, boats, planes and trains we travel in, to the leisure activities we participate in: it’s hard to imagine life without reinforced plastics. Here are some of the most important market segments where you will find GRP materials, reinforced with 3B fibreglass.

These are dynamic times for the composite industry boosted by the drivers common to all manufacturing industries like optimised cost/performance, operating cost improvements and return on investment. The need for materials that are lighter, stronger and more durable is resulting in traditional materials being increasingly replaced by composites, and new products being designed to fully utilise the benefits of the material.

The extensive knowledge and expertise of 3B is a valuable asset to any company considering a new product concept or part substitution in reinforced plastics. Our Business Development team is committed to working with our customers and partners to grow their businesses and to capitalise on new, emerging markets and application opportunities.