New e-invoicing procedure in Belgium and Norway

We have implemented a new procedure for the processing of received invoices.  This procedure system was thought in order to reduce considerably the use of paper as well as to improve timeliness and accuracy.  In order to facilitate the new system recognition, we kindly ask you to adhere to our invoicing guidelines, which you can download below.

In short, our guidelines are:

Send all invoices and credit notes by email to the site-specific address mentioned in the guidelines
1 Purchase Order = 1 invoice = 1 PDF document

Include the word ‘Invoice’ or ‘Credit note’ in the subject of the email

Invoicing guidelines for Belgium – English
Procédure de facturation pour la Belgique – Français
Invoicing guidelines for Norway – English
Retningslinjer fakturering for Norge – Norsk

Supplier Code of Conduct

As the quality reference in the glassfibre industry, Binani 3B also aims to be the safest, most responsible and sustainable glassfibre supplier.  In support of this goal, Binani 3B’s corporate roadmap focuses on three areas: People, Planet and Profit.  This programme supports our commitment to managing Binani 3B in a sustainable way, contributing to the company’s performance and stability.

Suppliers represent a critical component of Binani 3B’s proposition of high performance and value.  Therefore, in line with our mission, we collaborate with our suppliers to identify further opportunities to improve responsible business practices along the Supply Chain.  In order to actively engage our suppliers in this journey towards long term sustainability, we have defined a Supplier Code of Conduct (SCoC), which is to be applied by all Binani 3B’s suppliers worldwide.

3B Supplier Code of Conduct pdf