Chopped Strand

3B chopped strand products are 3B E-CR glass fibre bundles of consistent shape and size. They are made by chopping, into a specified length, continuous glass filaments coated with a chemical sizing, which ensures the compatibility with the resin to reinforce.

The majority of 3B chopped strands are densified using a unique manufacturing technology. The direct result is a high bulk density enabling these engineered products to offer excellent feeding properties and very low level of fine fibres. Benefits for customers are lower operating costs and better manufacturing efficiency via reduced cleaning downtime and maintenance. That is also how 3B contributes to a more sustainable future.

Chopped strands are used to reinforce thermoplastic and thermoset resins in various processes, such as compounding, injection-moulding, compression moulding, etc.

Chopped Strand for Thermoplastics

3B chopped strands for thermoplastics are designed to reinforce thermoplastic polymer systems. They advantageously improve tensile and flexural resistance; bring dimensional stability especially at high temperatures; allow for a much better control of the moulded part shrinkage and efficiently increase long term resistance, such as glycolysis resistance.

Typical applications are moulded parts used in a wide range of markets such as Automotive, Electrical & Electronic, Sports & Recreation, Machines & Mechanical Engineering, Domestic Appliances, Building & Construction, etc.

3B chopped strand for thermoplastics portfolio covers a wide range of thermoplastic polymers:

Resin Glass Fibre Filament Diameter (µm) Glass Fibre’s Main Features
PA1,2 DS 1125-10N 10 Neutral Colour – Food Contact
PA1,2 DS 1128-10N 10 Hydrolysis Resistance – Food Contact – Water Contact
 PA1,2 DS 1135-10N 10 Hydrolysis Resistance – Food Contact –
Water Contact
PPS DS 8800-11P 11 Outstanding Hydrolysis Resistance – Food Contact – Water Contact
PP/PE DS 2200-10P 10 High Mechanical Performances – Neutral Colour – Hydrolysis Resistance – Food Contact – Water Contact
PP/PE DS 2200-13P 13 Neutral Colour – Hydrolysis Resistance – Food Contact – Water Contact
PBT1 DS 8800-11P 11 For high impact & elongation at break – Food Contact – Water Contact
PC 108F-14P 14 For glass content < 15% wt
PC1 122Y-14P 14
ABS & Styrenics1 183F-11C 11 Neutral Colour
PPO1 122Y-14P 14
POM DS 7720-14P 14 Food Contact
PVC 108F-14P 14
PES, PESU, PPSU, PEI, PEEK DS 8800-11P 11 Hydrolysis Resistance – Food Contact –
Water Contact

All chopped strand products are available in 4mm length.
1as well as related blends
2includes aliphatic (PA6, PA66, …) and semi-aromatic (PA 6T, PPA, …), with or without Calcium Stearates 

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Chopped Strand for Thermosets

3B chopped strands for thermosets are designed to reinforce thermoset resins in Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC) and Bulk Moulding Compound (BMC). They contribute to increase tensile and flexural resistance, to improve impact strength and to bring a better dimensional stability within a wide range of temperatures.

Typical applications are structural automotive parts, electrical equipment and housings for electrical appliances and power tools.

3B chopped strand for thermosets portfolio covers unsaturated polyesters (UP, VE), epoxy (EP) and phenolics (PHEN).

Resin Densified Glass Fibre
UP/EP/PHEN No 163D-14C
UP/EP/PHEN Yes DS 5163-13P

Milled Fibre

3B Milled Fibres are E-CR glass filaments coated with a specific sizing to enhance resin compatibility and grinded to a specified density, which is determined by the input glass and milling process conditions. 3B Milled fibres filament diameters are defined by the input glass materials used.

Milled Fibres provide unreinforced resins with excellent dimensional stability, shrinkage and warpage control and a higher stiffness.

3B Milled Fibres are designed for use in a variety of thermoplastics, thermosets and putties for applications in the automotive, electrical, consumer, construction and aerospace markets.

Resin Length/Diameter ratio Glass Fibre
Multi-compatible 1,5 MF 01 ER