Advantex® DR for TS

If you are looking for high product performance with the lowest environmental impact, then look no further than the breakthrough Advantex® glass technology.
With this high mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and clean manufacturing technology, Advantex® is the ideal reinforcement for the composites parts in the wind energy industry, like blades, nacelles covers, drive shafts…

High Mechanical Properties

Advantex® glass offers:

  • Up to 9% higher tensile strength and up to 5% higher E-modulus vs. traditional E-Glass
  • Optimised sizings for excellent processing and enhanced fatigue performance
  • Superior corrosion resistance
Property Test Method Unit Advantex® Glass
Fibre Tensile Strength* ASTM 2343-08 MPa 2200-2600
Fibre Tensile Modulus* ASTM 2343-08 GPa 81-83
UD Laminate tensile strength** ISO 527-5 MPa 1250-1500
UD Laminate tensile modulus** ISO 527-5 GPa 48-52
UD Laminate compressive strength** ISO 14126 MPa 1247
UD Laminate compressive modulus** ISO 14126 GPa 53
UD interlaminar shear strength** ISO 14130 MPa 60-70
Laminate tensile strength*** ISO 527-5 MPa 900-1000
Laminate tensile modulus*** ISO 527-5 GPa 39-40
Interlaminar sher strength*** ISO 14130 MPa 42-46

* These values are representative of 17 micron – 2400 tex fibre, impregnated with epoxy resin.
** These values are representative of epoxy unidirectional laminates with a glass weight fraction of 78-79%.
*** These values are representative of epoxy laminates based on UD1150g/m2 fabrics with glass weight fraction of 73-74%.