3B Glass Fibre Composites – The answer for sustainable development

Sustainable development “meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. Sustainable development has become an issue that does concern us all and not merely scientists and experts. Sustainability begins with the daily choices we make in our professional and private life. And for 3B-the fibreglass company, sustainability is a top priority.

Throughout the manufacturing industry, the challenge is to develop products that are stronger, lighter and more durable. They also need to deliver lower unit and life cycle costs as well as a minimal environmental footprint. 3B glass fibre reinforced thermoplastic and thermoset materials meet these needs. These cost-effective, lightweight and sustainable composite solutions offer superior product performance, end-of-life management and design flexibility.

We, at 3B-the fibreglass company, are committed to developing sustainable innovative solutions with our customers through the definition of high performance glass fibre answers for a wide range of markets and applications.

Durability, Eco-responsibility, Versatility

3B fibreglass reinforced plastics and thermosets combine durability with eco-responsibility and versatility, establishing them as tomorrow’s materials across a wide range of industries, ranging from automotive, aerospace and defence to construction, infrastructure and renewable energies.