Green Technologies

3B is committed to operating with minimal impact on the environment. The company employs state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies in order to achieve integrated pollution prevention and the highest level of energy efficiencies to make boron-free, clean, eco-responsible 3B E-CR glass and HiPer-tex™ glass.

By utilizing our 3B E-CR and HiPer-tex™ glass fibre manufacturing technologies – the recognized benchmark for clean manufacturing – we are committed to setting new standards within the global fibreglass industry. 3B E-CR and HiPer-tex™ glass fibre formulations and manufacturing technologies are perfect examples of optimized processes minimizing pollution while maximizing energy efficiencies.

3B is the only fibreglass producer operating fully 100 percent boron-free glass fibre manufacturing platforms. In addition, 3B is running high energy efficient melting technologies. These two combined offer a perfect example of integrated pollution prevention in an optimized process making 3B the green benchmark of the industry.