We contribute to make parts with lower energy consumption in close relationship with our customers and strive continuously to minimize our environmental footprint.

The reduced weight of the composites applications made of our 3B E-CR and HiPer-tex™ glass technologies, combined with the superior performances they offer, make them the benchmark of eco-responsible materials.

Indeed, with its 3B E-CR and HiPer-tex™ glass fibre manufacturing technologies – the recognised benchmarks for clean manufacturing – 3B is committed to setting new standards within the global fibreglass industry. 3B E-CR and HiPer-tex™ glass fibre formulation and manufacturing technologies are perfect examples of integrated pollution prevention, with the highest energy efficiency converging in an optimised process.

Also, as one of the European leaders in glass fibre production, 3B supply customers with a wide range of products. More than 20 trucks leave the 3B plants daily for various regions in Europe. This statistic combined with the continuous need of the industry to reduce total cost within the entire value chain are solid drivers to rethink the supply chain, together with both carrier partners and customers. To address this challenge, 3B has developed innovative solutions, such as chopped strand bulk supply, which help reduce polluting emissions. This is also the way we live “Eco-responsibility” within 3B!

Durable products

We develop products that allow composite parts to be reliable, stronger, longer living and lighter in various industries and environments of use.

Through our solid 3B expertise in chemical science, we offer glass-sizing combinations able to enhance ageing performances in various aggressive environments. The perfect control of glass-plastic interface leads notably to outstanding corrosion resistance to acid, water, fuel and alkaline environments but also to higher heat resistance.

This is how 3B products help actively in making composite parts more durable.