Glass fibre made composite is a material of choice to design cost-effective, lighter vehicles through metal substitution. It allows to achieve energy and fuel consumption reduction, range extension and it contributes significantly to CO2 emissions reduction

3B is consistently partnering with the automotive value chain by optimizing properties of its glass fibre reinforcements to help OEMs meet their stringent environmental objectives.

3B is dedicated to the automotive industry

With more than 30 years of presence in the automotive industry, 3B is convinced that lightweight vehicles play a key role in addressing climate change. 

3B develops high performing glass fibres in collaboration with the polymer industry. We provide products that push the limit of glass reinforced composites with regard to:

  • mechanical properties
  • long-term performances
  • resistance to automotive fluids and high temperatures in engines.

Glass fibre reinforced products are thus taking ground to heavy metallic parts.

High-demanding applications

3B’s innovative and cost-effective glass fibres are specifically tailored to reinforce:

  • thermoplastic and thermoset resins
  • thermal and phonic insulation applications. 

Discover 3B's various types of glass fibre.

Short fibres

Thermoplastic & Thermoset Compounds

3B's large Chopped Strand product portfolio enables compounding of most types of polymeric resins, including standard used automotive polymers such as: 

  • Polypropylene
  • Polyamide
  • PBT. 

New generations of 3B's Chopped Strand fibres are also tailored for high-performance PPA and PPS that are proliferating within car structures. 

Long fibres

3B’s continuous Direct Rovings have been developed and are in use for:

Long Fibre Thermoplastics

Check the following Direct Roving products developed for Long Fibre Thermoplastic technologies such as pellets production or in-line D-LFT made out of Polypropylene or Polyamide resins:

Resin Product TP/TS Features Process Length/Diameter ratio Ø
PP, PE SE 4220 Thermoplastics Internal pull, Food contact (EU & USA) Internal Pull roving for LFTP Processes ø17µm
PP, PE SE 4220 EX Thermoplastics External pull, Food contact (EU & USA) External Pull roving for LFTP Processes ø17µm

High pressure cylinders

Check 3B's high-performance HiPer-tex® fibre, a product which is compatible with epoxy resin and well-suited for Filament winding made lightweight Compressed Natural Gas cylinders:

Resin Product TP/TS Features Process Length/Diameter ratio Ø
Epoxy specific W 2020 Thermosets Higher modulus Weaving, Non-crimp fabrics, Prepregs, Filament winding, Pultrusion

Suspension springs

Check SE 1500, 3B's Direct Roving product for RTM or prepreg used in lightweight suspension systems made of glass composites, such as leafsprings. 

Muffler systems

For  the thermal and phonic insulation of muffler systems, use 3B's Direct Rovings