3B’s Choppable Rovings consist of multiple continuous strands of smaller tex made from 3B E-CR glass wound onto a bobbin shape without mechanical twist in an off-line process. They are free from static electricity generation. Choppable Rovings are silane sized.

3B E-CR glass is a boron-free E-CR glass that shows significantly improved corrosion resistance properties over standard E-glass. 3B E-CR glass complies with ASTM D578 and ISO 2078 standards.

Our Choppable Rovings are compatible with Thermoset resins and are used for multiple applications such as Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC), head liners for automotive, fabrics for general purpose, pipe rehabilitation, etc.

Resin Product TP/TS Features Process Length/Diameter ratio Ø
UP, Vinylester, Epoxy CR 2011 Thermosets Filament winding ø13µm
CR 2040 Thermosets
CR 2080 Thermosets Sheet moulding compounding
CR 6202