Supplying the best quality together, in a safe, responsible and sustainable way

3B is a quality reference in the glass fibre industry. We want to offer our customers high performance, reliable and sustainable glass fibre products. We expect our suppliers to share our commitments towards our customers and towards society at large. 

Supplier Code of Conduct

To take up this important role in the value chain, we develop long-term relationships with our service and material suppliers, to make sure that, together, we can deliver on this. Therefore, we collaborate with our suppliers to identify further opportunities to improve responsible business practices along the Supply Chain.  

In order to actively engage our suppliers in this journey towards long-term sustainability and high performance, all 3B suppliers have to go through a specific qualification process and are expected to work in line with  our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Invoicing procedure

3B’s procedure for the processing of received invoices aims at reducing the use of paper as well as at improving timeliness and accuracy.  

We therefore ask all suppliers to comply with invoicing guidelines

  • Please send all invoices and credit notes by email to the site-specific address mentioned in the guidelines
  • Indicate the Purchase Order reference on each invoice
  • 1 Purchase Order = 1 invoice = 1 PDF document
  • Include the word ‘Invoice’ or ‘Credit note’ in the subject of the email


General Purchasing Terms and Conditions

Our General Purchasing Terms and Conditions are available here.
Any specific condition must be agreed on prior to service delivery.