passionate about innovation

To support our customers we need to anticipate and permanently question our own practices. 3B is innovative by nature. And, when passion drives innovation, everything is possible!

The innovative spirit at 3B builds upon:

  • the competencies and extensive experience of our people,
  • our comprehensive R&D activities : we cover glass formulation, process, sizing and manufacturing technologies. 
  • a total commitment to supporting our customers in their mission.

People and knowhow

By partnering with 3B you will interact with a highly skilled technical team:

  • more than 50 years of experience dedicated to glass fibre and its applications
  • leading-edge technical expertise and innovative research capabilities, including chemical sizing development and new glass formulation
  • excellent knowledge of our customers' processes
  • deep understanding of markets, value chains and end-use applications

3B people are active listeners, reliable, flexible, knowledgeable, and resourceful industry partners. 

Prior to 3B inception, 3B people contributed to 36 patents. Since 2008, 5 patents have been filed and several others are being drafted.

Dedicated R&D centre in Battice

The 3B Science & Technology Centre provides a unique hub of expertise for future development and innovation:

  • it is located in Battice, Belgium, at the heart of Europe
  • close to our main customers, major players of the global reinforced plastics industry
  • offering a comprehensive range of testing, development and innovative research capabilities
  • ISO 9001 certification.

Our work philosophy relies on expertise and proximity: we want our R&D team to be in close contact with the whole industry, listening to our customers, understanding and anticipating their needs. Close partnerships with industry allow us to offer relevant and innovative solutions to the Automotive and Wind industries and to the Performance composites sector.