Quality in each element of the value chain

3B is a process-driven organisation. We focus on the needs of our customers to do so. All staff members are trained to comply with existing processes and to strive for continuous improvement of the delivered quality. 

The 5 dimensions of quality

Our organisation is structured according to the 5 dimensions of quality to deliver the best products to our customers worldwide. Our quality management system is fully integrated. Compliance with international norms is the first level, completed by the specific expectations of our customers' industries as well as high-level internal standards.

3B facilties are certified:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 45001

Customer quality

3B offers high-quality, reliable products, in terms of conformance and performance, based on our customers' needs, our own experience and expertise, as well as market knowledge.

Development quality

Our work philosophy is based on close partnerships with our customers. We work hand in hand to develop added value reinforcement solutions. We translate them into robust processes in line with our experience and capabilities. 

Production quality

All departments apply a proactive focus on defect prevention and process variation reduction.

Supplier quality

We engage our suppliers in formal long-term business relationships focusing on end-customer interest. 3B applies a constant monitoring and regular in-depth validation of product  and service quality. 

Service and Logistics quality

Continuous improvement is a constant concern for 3B. Service and logistics are a key area of focus.