Health, Safety, Quality and the Environment ARE at the core of our development strategy

Corporate Social Responsibility and growth

3B-the fibreglass company is an innovative business with a genuine entrepreneurial spirit taking great care of its employees and fostering the development of talents. 3B works towards improving the performance of its customers' products by creating sustainable added value and by providing them with support in their growth strategies.

3B firmly subscribes to Corporate Social Responsibility. A robust Sustainability strategy as well as a detailed Sustainability policy have been developed. 3B is striving to continuously improve its Health and Safety, Quality and Environmental performances to best meet the expectations of its business partners. 


3B's Health, Safety, Quality and Environment Charter

3B Management Committee has signed a charter that summarises 3B's commitment with regard to Health, Safety, Quality and the Environment. The deployment of this Charter aims at bringing 3B-the fibreglass company to a level of excellence ensuring the well-being of our staff as well as the total satisfaction of our customers and our partners.

As stated in our Health, Safety, Quality and Environment Charter, 3B-the fibreglass company commits to:

  • Place the Health and Safety of its people, the satisfaction of its customers and respect for the environment at the very heart of its priorities.
  • Comply with applicable legislation and regulations wherever it conducts business and supplement them, when appropriate, with its own specific requirements.
  • Promote shared Health and Safety principles recognizing that all accidents are preventable, that safety is the responsibility of everyone and that working safely is a condition for employment at 3B.
  • Foster a culture whereby each individual is encouraged to actively participate in identifying, preventing and reducing risks in the areas of Health and Safety, Quality assurance and the Environment.
  • Communicate with transparency and promote feedback and dialogue on regular basis with its internal and external stakeholders to enable rapid implementation of preventive and improvement initiatives.
  • Favour the selection of its industrial and commercial partners on basis of their adherence to our Health and Safety, Environment, Quality Charter
  • Adopt a Health and Safety, Quality assurance, Environmental management system and a series of performance indicators to identify areas for active prevention and continuous improvement.
  • Control its environmental impact by limiting energy and water consumption, re-using more of its recyclable waste and reducing industrial waste.
  • Ensure that Health and Safety, Quality and Environmental protection serve as a continuous source of innovation across the company and for our products' final applications.
  • Be a reference in its industry for the Quality of its products and services as well in terms of Health and Safety and protection of the Environment.