3B’s Wet Chopped Strands are coated E-CR glass fibre filaments specifically engineered for wet-process, non-woven applications.

Our Wet Chopped Strands offer the following advantages:

  • excellent strength and dimensional stability
  • performing well across a variety of temperature and humidity conditions
  • broad chemical resistance
  • quick and uniform dispersion in water-based bonding systems, whether acidic, neutral or basic.

3B’s Wet Chopped Strand products enhance value and mix well with fibrous materials such as wood, paper and polyester. They have been specially developed for use in wet-formed mats and veils, which are processed in either acidic or neutral white water systems. Improved mat properties make these products suitable across a diverse range of end-use applications such as specialty papers, filters, printed circuit boards, roofing mats, roof tiles, acoustic tiles and vinyl-coated flooring.

Resin Product TP/TS Features Process Length/Diameter ratio Ø
9501 Wet processes, Non-woven
WS 6050 HIgh flowability, Enhanced fire retardancy Wet processes ø16µm