1,000 people in 3 countries

3B is an industrial company with manufacturing as well as R&D activities. 1,000 people are working at 3B today, in Belgium, Norway and India, to serve customers all over the world. 

We are regularly looking for new colleagues: technical operators, electricians, engineers, supply chain & finance specialists, chemists, marketeers…

Want to be part of company with strong knowhow, extensive experience and clear vision? Discover our values and our strategy.

3B is a unique company

3B-the fibreglass company - young worker wearing a safety jacket

"3B is a human-scale company. You know your colleagues and the door of your boss is open. The respect, trust and team spirit that exist among the people in the company are a great support to work in a high-performance and very competitive environment."

3B-the fibreglass company - technical operator wearing safety glasses

"You can learn and grow. There are strong values in the company, you can feel them, and positive behaviours are recognized. It is not only about knowledge and diplomas."

3B-the fibreglass company - scientist in lab

"In the company, we know where we are going. There is a vision and many projects. And you can use your brain to take up the challenges."


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