3B is regularly looking for talented and engaged people for its 3 glass fibre manufacturing facilities located in Battice (Belgium), Birkeland (Norway) and Goa (India), for its global R&D Centre in Battice or its Customer service centre in Brussels.

Mechanical Maintenance Manager

Objectives & mission
The Mechanical Manager ensures the availability of production equipment and infrastructure for efficient and safe production operations, at a reasonable cost and at a high level

Process & Technology Engineer

The Process & Technology (P&T) Engineer is responsible for initiating and implementing technical improvements, preventing and resolving technical problems, and assessing the capabilities of the


Til vår automasjonsavdeling ved 3B-Fibreglass, søker vi etter en ny kollega som kan bidra til at vi forbedrer og utvikler oss innen automasjonsfaget. 

Fabrikken har i dag 100+ PLSer i drift og vi ser

Teamleder elektro

Leder for elektroavdelingen

Vil du være med og utvikle 3B-Fibreglass for fremtiden? Vi ser etter en erfaren, nytenkende og operativ leder for vår elektroavdeling. 

Leder for elektroavdeling vil

Electricien industriel

  • Vous avez une formation en électricité industrielle ou une expérience équivalente dans le monde industriel.
  • Vous avez une connaissance pratique de la maintenance industrielle.
  • Vous êtes passionné

Mécanicien industriel

Au sein du département maintenance, le Mécanicien assure la maintenance préventive et curative des équipements mécaniques et/ou des réseaux fluides (gaz, oxygène...). Il intervient sur ceux-ci afin de

3B is constantly looking for talented people to sustain its growth. If you cannot find the kind of job you're looking for amongst our current job openings, please file a spontaneous application.

Spontaneous application