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3B Sustainability Report 2016

Sustainability for 3B is... “A pre-condition to be a long-term successful, ecological and socially responsible leader in the glass fibre market.”

3B Sustainability report 2017

3B-the fibreglass company is a member of the United Nations Global Compact initiative since 2015. Yearly Sustainability report 2017.

3B Sustainability report 2018

Our Sustainability report covers the year 2018, as part of our Communication on Progress (United Nations Global Compact - Signatory).

3B Sustainability Report 2019

3B Sustainability report 2020

3B Sustainability Report 2021

Year on year sustainability journey for 3B 

3B Sustainability Report 2022

This report covers the year 2022 and relates 3B's work on sustainable development in environmental, social and governance terms. 

Déclaration de participation - EMAS - CET DE BATTICE - 2024

Centre d'enfouissement technique de Berwausault (Battice, Belgique) - EMAS - Déclaration de participation - SPW (valable jusqu'au 22 mai 2024)

Déclaration environnementale EMAS - CET de Battice - 2023 (année 2022)

Déclaration environnementale du centre d'enfouissement technique de Berwausault (Battice, Belgique) - EMAS (avril 2023)


Goa (India) - ISO 9001-14001-45001


Business Code of Conduct

3B's Business Code of Conduct describes the ethical standards and practices that 3B and each member of staff undertake to respect and promote.

Norsk Åpenhetsloven - uttalelse 2022

3Bs uttalelse vedrørende den norske åpenhetsloven - år 2022

Norwegian Transparency Act - statement 2022

3B's statement pertaining to the Norwegian Transparency Act - year 2022



3B-the fibreglass company corporate brochure.

For the automotive industry

3B has an extensive experience in providing cutting edge solutions to the automotive value chain. 

For the wind energy industry

3B is specializing in the development and production of reinforcement solutions dedicated to the wind market.

HiPer-tex® high performance fibre

HiPer-tex® is 3B's high performance fibre: high strength, high modulus and high elongation at break.


Occupational Health & Safety Policy

3B's corporate policy for Occupational Health & Safety

Whistleblowing Policy

3B's corporate policy regarding Whistleblowing