Ever-broadening Product Portfolio to address your needs

As the market needs are continuously evolving, 3B offers a product portfolio addressing its partners’ challenges in a wide range of applications.

To be in a position to partner with its clients to develop innovative composites applications and create real added value, 3B has clearly identified three areas of focus: thermoplastics, wind energy and a series of performance composite applications such as electrical insulators, high pressure vessels, ballistics or pipe rehabilitation.

3B product portfolio builds upon its corrosion resistant 3B E-CR glass –the recognized benchmark for clean manufacturing – and its HiPer-tex™ glass, a cost-competitive high performance fiberglass. Both 3B E-CR glass and HiPer-tex™ are well established brands combining leading-edge performance with low environmental footprint.

Boasting those unique assets, 3B is committed to design reliable and durable fibreglass solutions available globally.