3B-the fibreglass company introduces DS 1125-10N, a new Chopped Strand for general purpose polyamide grades

Battice, Belgium, 7 March 2016

3B-the fibreglass company introduces DS 1125-10N, an innovative new chopped strand for general purpose polyamide grades. Neutral color, easy feeding of compounders are the main features of this new fibre on top of an outstanding processibility and excellent mechanical performances. 

DS 1125-10N is made out of E-CR corrosion resistance glass and is composed of individual glass filaments of low micron diameter. It is designed to fit a broad range of polyamides including PA6, PA6.6, PA6.10, as well as for copolymers PA6/66 and semi-aromatic polyamides. 

Outstanding ability to feed compounders – DS 1125-10N is designed for smooth compounding. It comes into a granulated shape, which offers excellent feeding properties and generates extremely low fuzz-and-fly, hence limiting cleaning and maintenance downtimes of compounding devices. As a consequence of its tailored strand’s integrity, DS 1125-10N is used in high throughput compounding lines fed by pneumatic conveying. 

Light neutral color – Main feature of DS 1125-10N is its ability to be neutral in color. Thanks to this property, DS 1125-10N can hence be used in any natural grade compounds without impacting the color of the final parts. 

Compatibility with additives - DS 1125-10N is also compatible with flame retardants and impact modifier additives. It does also show a very good resistance to a wide spectrum of mold-release agents including calcium stearate. 

Facilitating fluidity – DS 1125-10N sizing reactivity voluntarily does not interfere adversely with polymer viscosity; hence it is ideal for polyamide compounds of high fluidity, enhancing productivity in injection molding. 

Excellent mechanical properties – DS 1125-10N glass fibre shows a superior dispersion supporting a smooth aspect of the final part surface. Combination of this well-balanced fibre repartition with an efficient adhesion of DS 1125-10N’s sizing to polyamides, translates into excellent dry-as-molded mechanical properties of the final parts in both static and impact properties.