3B-the fibreglass company Introduces DS 1135-10N, a New Dry Chopped Strand Food Contact Grade for Superior PA Reinforcement

Battice, Belgium, 11 March 2014

Here at JEC Europe, 3B-the fibreglass company introduces DS 1135-10N, an innovative new chopped strand food contact compliant product designed for general purpose polyamide applications. Thanks to its unique combination of hydrolytic properties associated to food contact compliance according to most recent norms, 3B DS 1135-10N will contribute to expanding the application of reinforced polyamide compounds to replace metal and other reinforced thermoplastics in a wide portfolio of applications demanding exceptional mechanical and aging performance. Those applications range from automotive components to appliances. 

This new grade is designed to fit a broad range of polyamides (PA) such as PA6, PA66, PA610, PA6/66 copolymers and semi-aromatic PA. DS 1135-10N chopped strand is already available globally. 

Claudio Di Gregorio, 3B Product Leader Thermoplastics, said “DS 1135-10N has been designed to meet requirements of most common food and water contact certifications such as FDA, EC 10/2011 and relative amendments also in their more restrictive application after 31.12.2015, BfR LII and ACS, this without making any compromise on the product performance side. 

This new grade offers excellent dry-as-moulded properties, and grants very good performance level in heat-ageing and hydrolysis/glycolysis resistance. Furthermore its chemistry presents a good resistance to a wide spectrum of demoulding agents and an excellent compatibility with flame retardant and impact modifier additives. 

All those characteristics make of DS 1135-10N a performing versatile PA reinforcement, so offering our customers an easier inventory management.” concluded Claudio Di Gregorio. 

Tensile Strenght

DS 1135-10N comes in a granulated form that grants superior feeding behavior by reducing fine fibers. This translates into a higher productivity thanks to the reduced cleaning downtime and maintenance. This product has been designed in order to be suitable for pneumatic conveying and bulk transportation, making of it an ideal choice for modern megacompounder lines.